Comments: Assessment recalled

I am reminded of another influential Catholic of the previous century. G.K. Chesterton was a layman, but a prodigious author.

In several places, he commented on the strength of the Catholic faith. All the other fads of the first Century--from the Manichees to the Stoics--crumbled and fell apart eventually. The Church itself survived much longer, though it has sometimes appeared to be diminishing and dying. But then a surprise happens--a man of strong devotion and pure faith shows up, and rejuvenates the faithful to new levels of devotion.

One example would be St. Patrick of Ireland. Another might be St. Francis of Assisi.

In our own time, Theresa of Calcutta and John Paul II seem to have taken this role.

The description you quote makes this impression stronger in my mind.

Posted by talon karrde at April 11, 2005 09:43 AM