Comments: Relocation remembered

I think it was more like ethnic cleansing than a simple population transfer. I remember reading an horrific account of the burning of Smyrna in a book that was generally pro-Turkish. Still, what happened to the Armenians was even worse.

Posted by J.Cassian at January 14, 2005 05:00 AM

Does anyone know the numbers for Protestants in the 26 counties of The Irish Free State/Eire/Irish Republic?

I take it that quite a few must have been "encouraged" to flee?

Posted by dearieme at January 14, 2005 07:44 AM

Many thanks for pointing out the broken link; the original seems to have vanished off the face of the internet. And thanks for the background you offer here - very enlightening.


Posted by DaveVH at January 14, 2005 07:46 PM