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Your notes on the thoughts of Stygius and Nazih N. Ayubi and yourself on the "late-adolescent narcissism" in some? Moslem young men was very interesting and struck a cord in me in my search for why the 19 men killed themselves.

I must have scared off Abu with my 8 Aug comments. Abu was unique to me in that he tended to stay with the negative discussions of infidels on Islam. Most serious Moslems donít once they hear critical discussions on Islam. Through Abu I was hoping to ascertain what a "moderate" Moslem was if one existed. One can quickly read up on ex or secular Moslems but readings of a "moderate" Moslem are scarce. Abu was a very observant Moslem and most likely believes everything in the Koran and Islamic writings and traditions. He seemed to take Sayyid very seriously without seeing the negative messages in it and I assume without using it to justify him murdering infidels. Why when other observant Moslems do? Is Abu a moderate Moslem? What is it in the Islamic writings that he doesnít follow or is he constrained by his culture (eg being non Arabic?) or by the culture of the western country he lives in that prevents him from living out the whole of the Islamic way of life? Or more personally perhaps he didnít go through that "late-adolescent narcissism" because of his particular situation (well off, married early, strong wife??). I most likely will never know now.

The controversy with Tariq Ramadan has lead me to his writings. He is suppose to be a moderate Moslem who believes in ijtihad but there are signs of him perhaps being a modern Qutb to European Islamic terrorists . Iíve ordered his 3 main books to see if this is true and perhaps in the process identify the moderate Moslem.

Thanks again for the thought.


Posted by Dave at August 31, 2004 12:59 AM

My pleasure.

I don't know much about Tariq Ramadan, but Berman discusses him in Terror and Liberalism -- it's an interesting passage. Let me know what you think of Ramadan -- I'm curious.

Posted by Bill at September 1, 2004 02:02 AM