Comments: Newark, N.J., July 1937

In trying to get a better grasp on our historical present, I've found it most illuminating to hang out in decades and centuries past. There's a lot of fascinating audio stuff at The Authentic History Center. I found Lindbergh's 1941 speeches resonated in a rather eerie way with some of our contemporary themes and tones. A lot of the stuff went missing awhile back; instead of audio that used to be there you'd just get a description of it. Some seems to have returned.

A few months ago I stumbled across John Gunther. I'd never heard of him before but apparently he was a mega-famous journalist. There are loads of copies of the books from his Inside series out there, and most of them show up in Amazon's marketplace for just pocket change. I've got the revised addition of Inside Europe, from 1938.

Early on in the present war I read through Orwell's wartime diaries. Thought so much is so different, it's really weird to see the same perceptual habits, the same arguments, the same blunders.

Posted by tm at August 25, 2004 09:23 PM