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I must thank you for all the work you've done on the Qutb series. It has inspired me to delve into his work as well. I picked up a copy of Social Justice in Islam last week from the library and I'm already 2/3 finished with it. I plan on getting Milestones too when I can find it.

I was browsing through Amazon and I ran across Wahhabism by Hamid Algar and it looks like a fascinating book judging by the reviews. But I haven't seen it discussed here or anywhere else online. Have you read it before, if so, would you recommend it?

Posted by LJ at August 6, 2004 01:04 PM

Thanks for the kind words.

I wrote quite a bit about Social Justice in Islam on Paleo-ideofact (the blogspot incarnation) -- Zack Ajmal of Procrastination has an index of the posts here.

I've read Hamid Algar's book on Wahhabism -- I think Stephen Schwartz treated the subject with far more depth and intelligence in The Two Faces of Islam.

I wrote about Algar's book here and here.

Algar, by the way, is the apologist par excellence for the Iranian theocracy -- maybe I'll dig out his book on the subject and post something about it...

Posted by Bill at August 6, 2004 03:19 PM