Comments: In Search of Averroes

Actually, the main problem seems not to be the choosing of Al-Ghazali over Averroes. It seems to be mistaking al-Ghazali's attack on reason, to mean that reason itself has no place (except in 'rational proofs' for God, i.e. defence of the dogma - Fakr ad-Din ar-Razi, for example, was a better 'theologian' than al-Ghazali).

As for Averroes, I agree with you; though very important, sometimes his would-be influence is exaggerated, especially by 'modernist' Muslims.

Lastly, Ibn Taymiyyah's critique of logic ought to have led to a reform in Muslim thought. In fact, Hallaq, the translator of his "Against the Greek Logicians" bemoans that the full extent of Ibn Taymiyyah's criticism was missed on Muslim thought of that period, even his own students.

Posted by Thebit at August 16, 2003 04:40 PM