Comments: Uh oh

Uhhhh...dude...the Phillies played their first game on Monday and lost.

5 - L at Pittsburgh, 1-2 (WP: K.Wells; LP: K.Millwood)
7 - W at Pittsburgh, 5-4 (WP: R.Cormier; LP: B.Boehringer)
8 - L at Pittsburgh, 2-6 (WP: R.Vogelsong; LP: V.Padilla)

Posted by Duane at April 9, 2004 06:36 PM

Uhh...never your post again and figured out you probably meant that they got their first win of the season, not that they won the first game they played....

Posted by Duane at April 9, 2004 06:43 PM

Yeah, I meant the first win, not the first game.

Well, I guess I can stop wearing the hat, which is probably just as well, since my wife says it makes me look ridiculous...

Posted by Bill at April 10, 2004 12:34 AM