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Very interesting post and interesting that you should mention Jorge Luis Borges. With his friend Alfredo Bioy Casares, Borges wrote a series of spoof detective stories under the pseudonym "Bustos Domecq". I think the central concept was that all the mysteries were solved by the brilliant detective Don Isidoro Parodi, without him ever leaving his prison cell (he had been wrongly imprisoned due to political corruption). The stories contained a lot of satire on the stupidities of Argentine society. I didn't get very far because I foolishly tried to read them in Spanish; I didn't get all the references to life in 1940s Buenos Aires and I couldn't make out much of the language they were written in, which mocked the pretentious jargon of Argentine high society. However, the very first story in the series, "The Twelve Figures of the World", is all about the Druze community in Buenos Aires. Whether a significant Druze population exists in Argentina or not, I don't know; I rather suspect that Borges is pulling our legs. The central character in the story, Molinari, who is a bit of an idiot, a combination of nationalist xenophobe and an early anti-globalist, complains that he is "sick of Italians and Druzes, not to mention the English capitalists who've filled the country with railways and refrigerators. Yesterday, no sooner had I stepped into the Los Hinchas Pizzeria when the first guy I saw was an Italian" (part of the joke is, IIRC, that about 50% of the population of Buenos Aires has Italian roots including - judging from his name - Molinari himself). Anyway, the murder mystery in the story takes place in a Druze "temple" and there is a reference to "los akils", which must be the Spanish translation of "uqqal". I'd have to re-read the story further to find out more, but it's interesting to note that one of the leading Druzes is called "Dr. Ibn Khaldun".

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Once again, the breadth of your erudition amazes me.

For the record, I invoked Borges because of stories like the Theologians (in which God perhaps mistakes the orthodox theologian for his enemy).

The combination of names (some others referring to a Hamza al-Darazi, combining the orthodox and the heresiarch in one person) seemed to echo that tale.

Posted by Bill at July 20, 2003 09:56 PM

you should write about the alawites, they're pretty weird too.... (or perhaps the alevi minority of turkey which seems to be off everyone's radar)

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you know if you understand the Druze's philosophy
and practice it, you will be a superhuman and you can travel through the universe at 1000 times the speed of light, first try to free your self from worshipping in any form, use only the meditation to recognise your Oneself and get rid of all the hypnotic suggestion coming from any sources even religious ones and only unite with God the only one.

Posted by arbid at October 14, 2003 08:22 PM

It's true what has been said about Druze,or as i and the majority of druze would like to be called "Mouwahidoun"or in english "unitarians",,because we see that Mohammad al darazi(which we were named after"duruz") is a sinner and we look down at him(for many reasons),,but about reincarnation as the article says "Just as you cast away the old shirt and put
on the new one, you die and leave your previous body and enter into a new form." Instead of "form" i would have said human body,because druze unlike budha's believe that when a person dies his soul is directly transferred into another body(human),,on the other hand budha's see it possible that the soul is transferred in to any other living body,,plus an important subject in the druze faith is that we believe in reincarnation and that it occurs 7 times for each person,,that is 7 lives,why seven?? we believe as the Holy Quraan says "wa qad khalaqna lakom sab3a samawatin tibaq",or "and we((god)) have created for you(humans) seven identical skies",,in which we believe each person will have seven lives(seven identical skies) or in other words each person will see with his naked eye seven identical skies(in different lives),,,
About us druze being understudied,i respect the person saying so.As druze we did rise during the fatimid empire,but our faith goes way back before Moses,or Jesus,or Mohammad,,thats because we believe that many prophets or messengers reincarnated through history,and they r one but in different human bodies(thats the "shirt"the article refaired to),but the prophets had to always confess in the unity of god,,for example we look at Akhnaton as one of the first people to call upon the unity of god during the Pharoah's,,he said in the unity of god by not praying for different gods(oceans god,beauty's god,nights god,etc...),,but to pray to one god,symbolizing the god he prayed to at that time was the sun in which he saw all the gods other people worshipped in this one god,so the sun was only a simple symbol,,,thx,,great work

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