September 17, 2008

Forget how to remember

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September 16, 2008


I ordered a dictionary of classical Greek (I don't know very much about the grammar, but I know the alphabet well enough to read inscriptions) so I can finally read this book.

As I grow older, it seems to me that antiquity's religion is a far better proxy for reality as we know it than many of the other religious fictions I've encountered. To be sure, I don't believe in the Greek gods, but it seems to me that belief in the Greek gods and all they entailed would be far more conducive to happiness than the alternatives. So label me an atheistic pagan, I supppose.

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September 15, 2008

The story on Neanderthals I mentioned last night is online now.

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September 14, 2008

Neanderthals in National Geographic

Big article on Neanderthals in the new National Geographic -- it doesn't seem to be online yet.

Neanderthals continue to fascinate me. There are very few species who don't have relatives within their genus -- Homo Sapiens is one. My cat, were he not so understandably content with his own evolutionary perfection, could smugly point to his relations, which include Asian fisher cats, ocelots and African wild cats. For me, there is only the poor skull on the book case -- a casting of a Neanderthal skull -- to remind me of my closest cousin.

I haven't read the article yet, but that's sort of what prompted this post. When I was a kid, one of the big events each month was the arrival of the National Geographic. It still is.

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September 12, 2008

Happy again

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