July 02, 2008

More crime

The description of the crime scene makes it sound almost like a magic trick: the body of a healthy 19-year-old man, sitting in the center of the cell which had been checked a mere 15 minutes before, without a wound or even a mark on him, dead of no apparent cause.

But perhaps it's just that I'm reading the coverage of this extra-judicial killing (as long as we're using antiseptic terminology) in the Washington Post:

Ronnie L. White was pronounced dead at Prince George's Hospital Center about an hour after he was found sitting on the floor of his cell beside his bunk, unresponsive and with no detectable pulse, officials at the county jail said.

A few things I'm curious about: There have been no photos published in the Post (or anywhere else, for that matter) of the crime scene. We learn today that guards are mum, but have reporters tried to interview inmates at the facility? Why does the Post publish sentences like this one: "It wasn't clear why the correctional officers reportedly declined to answer questions. " Only to Post reporters would this be puzzling.

Posted by Ideofact at July 2, 2008 12:47 AM