April 11, 2008

2.8 years worth of music?

I am incredibly grateful for the technology that makes my life easier, and I'm always thrilled when it gets better. But sometimes I wonder about the knuckleheads who write about it. Here's an item averring that we'll soon have MP3 players and iPods capable of holding 500,000 songs or 3,500 films.

Assuming that the average song is three minutes long (this of course assumes we're not talking about classical music), 500,000 songs would last 1.5 million minutes, or 25,000 hours, or 1,041 days, or 2.8 years worth of music.

Assuming that the average film lasts about 100 minutes, 3,500 films would last 350,000 minutes, or 5,833 hours, or 243 days (full, 24-hour days) worth of film.

Who has the time?

Now, having something useful--say, the digital texts of every book in the Library of Congress, searchable by word or phrase or key terms, so I can type a few characters and find everything the LoC has on antitrust law or Sherman's March or Yezedis--well, that would be worth carrying in your pocket (and very close to the tricorders that Enterprise crew members carried around on Star Trek....)

Posted by Ideofact at April 11, 2008 11:25 PM