March 31, 2008

Finished Trilby...

...on the way back from St. Louis. What a fun read. Time is scarce, so I wouldn't say it should be required reading in school, but I found bits of it to be quite wonderful. Here's Trilby being asked about the Christian faith:

'Oh dear, oh dear! And do you know about our blessed Saviour, and the Atonement and the Incarnation and the Resurrection...'

'Oh yes--I used to, at least. I used to have to learn the Catechism on Sundays--mamma made me. Whatever her faults and mistakes were, poor mamma was always very particular about that! It all seemed very complicated. But papa told me not to bother too much about it, but to be good. He said that God would make it all right for us somehow, in the end--all of us. And that seems sensible, doesn't it?

'He told me to be good, and not to mind what priests and clergymen tell us. He'd been a clergyman himself, and knew all about it, he said.

'I haven't been very good--there's not much doubt about that, I'm afraid! But God knows I've repented often enough and sore enough; I do now! But I'm rather glad to die, I think; and not a bit afraid--not a scrap! I believe in poor papa, though he was so unfortunate! He was the cleverest man I ever knew, and the best--except Taffy and the Laird and your dear son!

'There'll be no hell for any of us--he told me so--except what we make for ourselves and each other down here; and that's bad enough for anything. He told me that he was responsible for me--he often said so--and that mamma was too, and his parents for him, and his grandfathers and grandmothers for them, and so on up to Noah and ever so far beyond, and God for us all!

'He told me always to think of other people before myself; as Taffy does, and your son; and never to tell lies or be afraid, and keep away from drink, and I should be all right. But I've sometimes been all wrong, all the same; and it wasn't papa's fault, but Poor mamma's and mine; and I've known it, and been miserable at the time, and after! and I'm sure to be forgiven--perfectly certain--and so will everybody else, even the wickedest that ever lived! Why, just give them sense enough in the next world to understand all their wickedness in this, and that'll punish them enough for anything, I think! That's simple enough, isn't it? Besides, there may be no next world---that's on the cards too, you know!--and that will be simpler still!

Charming, and sensible. The whole novel's online here.

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