October 29, 2007


So much nicer than paperwork. First a congratulations to the Boston Red Sox (they dominated the first two decades of the 20th Century -- will history repeat itself?). There's usual ideofact madness below, but the first paragraph here is a considered complaint.

I really have to buy a shredder. It's amazing how much of the mail I receive has to be destroyed. Each of the three credit cards I have (one of which I use only for business, one for personal, and the third for nothing--just keep the account open for emergencies) sends me scads of checks to transfer balances, offers of upgrades or new cards. I get unsolicited offers--many of which contain the same checks--and my fear is that one day I'll receive a bill from one of these bastard companies insisting I owe them $35,000 because someone forged my name on one of the unsolicited blank checks they sent me that I carelessly threw out. There's an opt-out number, which supposedly should end the unsolicted offers, but after I called it in July, I seem to get more than ever. I now get solicitations related to my university alumnae association, the Disney conglomerate (which I despise -- I was always a Warner Brothers fan) and a frequent flier program of an airline I haven't used--out of principle--for at least three years, to name just a few. Physical spam is much harder to get rid of than the electronic variety.


Speaking of baseball, the Red Sox swept the World Series. I think Colorado is a better team than the 2004 Cardinals were, but they were a step behind the Sox throughout the series because of their 9-day layoff. Runners advancing too far or not far enough off of second base, runners getting picked off first, but most of all, the timing of their hitters, which was consistently off.

Similar series I recall off the top of my head: 2006 (Tigers had a long layoff, and lost to an inferior Cardinals team), 1988 and 1990 (the A's swept Boston both years, and came in cold against inferior Dodgers and Reds teams, respectively).

In any case, I'm pleased to see the Red Sox win the series again. They're a fun team to watch -- as the long winter begins, I'll miss Ramirez (my favorite--he knows how to wear a uniform), Schilling (uuuhhhh--so like, who did the Phillies get for him?), Varitek and Youkilis. Amazing how baseball just suddenly ends--how you go from protecting a one-run lead in the ninth to winter on a single pitch. Fortunately, the thaw begins in mid-February, when pitchers and catchers report to spring training...

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