September 29, 2007

Congratulations Cubs, sort of

I note that in the National League, the first team to clinch a spot in the playoffs has a worse record than the Padres, Mets, Phillies, Rockies and Diamondbacks (who clinched a spot later Friday night).

So a sucktacular team that is barely above .500 (they have won 84 games with two to play) is the first to clinch a playoff berth while teams with 87 and 84 wins (the Mets and Braves) may be excluded.

I'd love to see the Cubs win a World Series (note: This statement is inoperative if my Phillies make the playoffs), but they will be the weakest team to make the postseason this year. I think the Braves are a better team.

Posted by Ideofact at September 29, 2007 04:30 AM