September 10, 2007

So Extreme

Listening to the Pet Shop Boys while doing a little actual work. How fantastic are they? "You, you're so extreme. I'd like to take you home with me." And my personal favorite, "I've been sitting here, looking out for you/Someone just like me, who's maybe had a drink or two."

Sinatra might well have said the same.

Then there's this:

This anticipation is a stimulation No need for conversation as we're driving home Put your arms around me, it doesn't mean you love me Just that you want me and you need my company

I can think of few other bands that have explored with such depth the full range of human sexual relations.

From "Why Don't We Live Together":

"You may not always love me. I may not care."

Posted by Ideofact at September 10, 2007 01:16 AM