August 07, 2007

Bonds watch

He swings...he misses. I'm a Phillies fan by birth, but the Nats are my adopted team, so I'm pulling for them to beat the Giants while hoping to see Bonds put one in the stands.

My father was a Boston Braves fan and continued to follow the team when it moved to Milwaukee; he was a great Hank Aaron backer, and always thought Aaron was ill-served by playing in small markets (Willie Mays was the toast of New York, even after the Giants moved to San Francisco; while my dad thought Mays was fantastic, he thought Aaron's quick wrists made him the better hitter). I remember my dad telling me during the 1973 season (the Phillies finished in the cellar) about Aaron, and I remember watching is 716th homer in 1974.

Few people, I suspect, would admit to hoping Aaron failed because he was black, or woud confess to being behind the ugly atmosphere that surrounded Hammerin' Hank's accomplishment.

Similarly, I suspect that 30 years from now, few people will admit to being Bonds deriders, or be proud of being part of the ugly atmosphere surrounding him as he breaks Aaron's record.

For my part, I'm enjoying the baseball.

Posted by Ideofact at August 7, 2007 12:32 AM