June 24, 2007


The post immediately below reminds me of an episode of one of my favorite childhood shows (I saw it in repeats) -- the Addams Family. In one episode, one of the Addams's neighbors is putting on airs on the basis of his superior ancestry--his heritage is one of distinction whereas the Addamses have a more checkered past.

Addams Family.jpg

Understandably outraged, Gomez orders a full report on the impertinent rival's genealogy. His researchers uncover an unsavory past -- traitors, pirates, witches, cutthroats, train robbers, assassins, embezzlers -- and Gomez is chastised. After horrifying the man with these revelations as to his background, Gomez says, "Old man, I misjudged you -- you do have an illustrious past that measures up to anyone's." He says this with such warmth and generosity and human feeling -- it's a wonderful scene.

Posted by Ideofact at June 24, 2007 12:22 AM