March 10, 2005


Apparently, the neo-Nazi wasn't involved in the murder of a federal judge's family members. New Jersey authorities arrested two men for the mrders of a family of Coptic Christians -- the motive was not religious strife, but rather covering up a robbery gone wrong. Belgian authorities ruled out anti-Semitism in the killing of Moshe Na’eh in Antwerp, in what at first looked like, well, a murder driven by anti-Semitism.

None of this is to say that neo-Nazis aren't beneath contempt (they are), that religious strife does not exist among immigrant Egyptian Coptic and Muslim communities (it does, just as it does in Egypt), or that anti-Semitism isn't real (all too real, regrettably).

As I follow some of the twists and turns of and reactions to the Michael Jackson case (I haven't been following it especially closely), I can't help thinking that Jackson, who seems to have fairly serious psychological problems, is more than likely not guilty of the crimes of which he has been accused. I do not mean to say, of course, that I would allow my son to spend the night at his ranch -- as a parent I would not trust him, period. (Parents, of course, require a much lower standard of proof to say no.) I do not mean to say that a child spending time in Jackson's presence is a harmless thing (most likely the contrary). I'm just not persuaded that, however Jackson and his weird lifestyle negatively impacts children, that sexual molestation is one of the ways. It seems to me that if this were the case, far more people would have come forward. It is too hard to believe that Jackson is guilty of this in only one (or two, if one counts the prior accusation) case, or, barring that, that he would be able to buy the silence of what may well be dozens or hundreds of parents over the years.

I speak from no particular authority -- of course, it's likely that I may be entirely wrong, that the presumption of guilt is well founded in this case. But right now, I'm not convinced. I should probably add that while I find some of his music innocuous enough, I'm not especially fond of his music...

Posted by Ideofact at March 10, 2005 11:53 PM