January 04, 2005


I wish I had a good one for this year. In 2004 I quit smoking -- it's been months since I last had a cigarette, and while I occasionally miss the act of smoking (particularly when watching a Bogart film), I think it's unlikely I'll ever have one again. Cigarettes join a long list of abadnoned youthful affectations, including everything from a pierced ear to a bad love affair -- as Lloyd Cole put it, "Must you tell me all your secrets when it's hard enough to love you knowing nothing?"

For 2005, the only serious resolution I have is getting my wisdom teeth out. Or rather, of the things I'd like to do more of or do better -- writing, reading, spending time with my son and my wife and the rest of my family -- getting my wisdom teeth out is the only one that strikes me as being exceedingly unpleasant. I would be disappointed if I didn't, say, find the time to read some H.P. Lovecraft tales this year, or be the cameraman for the horror movie my six year old wants to make, but I don't think I'll be missing a life affirming experience if I manage to put off doing something about my wisdom teeth for another 12 months. (Which is why I'm making an appointment tomorrow...).

Speaking of teeth, smoking and amateur films, check out the short "A Primer for Dental Extraction" currently on this page (which I found indirectly via this important post from Ghost of a Flea. Not quite as unsettling as I thought it would be, but perhaps that's only because I've steeled myself for my own approaching extractions...

Posted by Ideofact at January 4, 2005 12:42 AM