November 24, 2004

But it's a school night!

Let's see...last Sunday night I made dinner for the family (nothing fancy, just some pasta), then did homework with the six year old (homework seems to require parental involvement now, which is odd -- there are some things he can do himself, but some of the instructions are literally directed to the parents) while my wife did the dishes. She gave the boy his bath, then subjected herself to one of those mysterious things in the shower that involves several oddly named potions in pastel colored tubes and bottles. The boy and I, meanwhile, watched a DVD my father got him for his birthday, Nefertiti Resurrected; he's not really able to follow it all, but I'm always surprised at how much he does pick up from these things -- every once in a while he'll ask me in the car something like, "So why do you need to ask the Egyptian government before you can explore tombs?"

When he started to get bored with the DVD, I suggested we check out the Web site for his favorite cartoon of late, Tutenstein. We played the Make your own Mummy game, and he got all but one of the questions right without any help from me.

He played with blocks for a while, my wife came down and put him to bed, while I indulged myself in Simpsons and Arrested Development. I talked to my Mom and Dad on the phone; my wife read her book and I watched a bit of a football game, decided against drinking a beer or having a cigar; went to bed around 11 p.m.

My point (I'm beginning to forget that I had one) is that if you want to figure out how to move beyond whining about the results of the last election, find a better way to spend a Sunday night than having hundreds of meetings across the country to talk about how to stop whining about the election.

(Link via Tim Blair.)

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