November 19, 2004


North Sea Diaries notes a threat that may relate to the killing of Moshe Yitzhak Na'eh in Antwerp. Interesting (and while it seems entirely reasonable to suspect anti-semitism as a motive, we should recall that as yet there have been no suspects identified)...

Via Winds of Change via Zacht Ei comes this this translation of the murder note in the Theo Van Gogh killing. It makes for chilling reading. Addressed to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Sudanese-born member of parliament who has been critical of Islamists (and is herself a lapsed Muslim), the letter warns:

Death, Miss Hirshi Ali, is the common theme of all that exists. You, me and the rest of creation can not disconnect from this truth.

There shall be a Day where one soul can not help another soul. A Day with terrible tortures and torments. a Day where the injust shall force from their longues horrible screams. Screams, Miss Hirshi Ali, that will cause shivers to roll down one's spine; that will make hairs stand up from heads. People will be seen drunk with fear while they are not drunk. FEAR shall fill the atmosphere on that Great Day...

Charming fellow. Meanwhile, this piece asks whether it was wise to publish the letter. My sense is that yes, of course it was. Withholding information from the public is never wise in my view -- we're not children, and neither are the people of Holland. They have an interest in knowing what lay behind this crime.

Posted by Ideofact at November 19, 2004 04:02 PM