November 16, 2004


Aziz Poonawalla has moved; his new blog name is City of Brass (though the name may be new, the look is surprisingly similar to his old blog). I've updated the link on the side accordingly.

I like what Aziz wrote about a photograph -- it appeared in the Washington Post's Outlook Section, among other places -- of U.S. soldiers sitting in a Mosque in Fallujah, shoes on, weapons in hand. On Sunday, I ran into one Muslim friend who, as it happened, was deeply offended by the picture (or feigning offense to try to draw me into an argument -- sometimes it's difficult to tell). I wish I'd had a copy of this article to show him for comparison.

Meanwhile, Aziz seems to be considering what may be a serious ramification of that otherwise silly Da Vinci Code book. If past is prologue, I fully expect that the movie will sink or swim on its merits as a film, although any controversy will likely boost it somewhat. Anyone who's sat all the way through the charmless Last Temptation of Christ -- with its hipster doofus James, method mobster Judas, and lizard king Pilate, among other badly miscast characters -- did so, I suspect, more to pique the religious right than out of any desire for intellectual engagement or aesthetic pleasure.

Posted by Ideofact at November 16, 2004 11:59 PM