October 27, 2004


...to the Boston Red Sox and Boston Red Sox fans everywhere. I seem to have a disproportionate number of family members (parents, uncles, cousins, nephew), friends and co-workers who are also members of Red Sox nation, and I can't tell you all how happy I am for you.

I called my father after the game, who jokingly noted, midway through the conversation, that the last of his goals in life had been fulfilled.

I suggested that he start pulling for the Cubs...

Further note: Here's an interesting story on the 1918 Red Sox, who, until today, were the last World Series winners in franchise history:

Locals questioned their guts because they were on a baseball field instead of a battlefield. Fans soured on them after their demands for more money held up a World Series game. And when the 1918 Boston Red Sox finally won the title, the feat was greeted with little more than mild enthusiasm.

The 1918 World Series was the last time the Red Sox brought championship glory to the city, but there were few echoes then of the cathartic joy that greeted Boston's 2004 title.

Back then, World War I was consuming the country's attention. The Red Sox weren't the only game in town, competing for fan loyalty with the National League's Boston Braves as well as a legion of local minor league and amateur teams.

And the team's success had spoiled fans. The 1918 title over the Chicago Cubs was the team's fourth in seven years.

"(The attitude) was, 'It's another championship for our boys. That's great. They be back again,'" said Richard Johnson, curator of the Sports Museum of New England. "Little did they know it would be 86 years."

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