October 24, 2004


Random notes typed as I discover again that nothing is quite so engrossing as October baseball...

I think Fox is really taking an enormous dramatic risk with a show portraying a medical doctor as being an arrogant know it alll ...

Blogfonte has made his endorsement in the election. Something he wrote kind of describes where I am in a lot of this: "I do not believe in perfections..." I thought he was going to go off in a different direction with this, but it's fairly important sentiment, and should probably be printed on the currency right beside "In God We Trust."

My wife is away on a business trip, so I had five year old duty all weekend, which of course is far more pleasure than duty, although how two men, one of whom is pint-sized, can make such a mess in such a short time is beyond me. Sunday evening I looked at the piles of blocks and toys and crayon-covered paper, the detritus from the Sunday paper, pairs of his socks, the three different jackets I've worn since taking my wife to the airport Friday night, etc. etc., and realized that the one minute you let your guard down -- ah, I'll get that later -- all is lost, and the living room, play room, tv room, even the corporate headquarters of ideofact fall into anarchy. We had a lot of letting our guard down this weekend, but with a little forceful father act, he assisted me in getting things to pass muster again.

I imagine I'll be disappointed, but I really want to see The Grudge. I'll be disappointed, because every time the TV ad comes on, regardless of what I'm doing I drop everything and stare at it. Most likely the film itself will leave me, at some point, wondering how long until I can look at something else. But the Grudge has an actresses I like in it. (Although it's most likely heresy -- pace Flea -- I prefer her in this role...

Meanwhile, Boston is now up 2 games to none, the five year old slumbers peacefully, and I will put off writing about ancient Rome for another day or two...

Posted by Ideofact at October 24, 2004 11:50 PM

There is a little-known addendum to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

"Disorder (entropy) increases dramatically under conditions where a presence of male humans and an absence of female humans, in a manner inversely proportional to the age of the youngest male human involved..."

(kidding! but it does match many situations I have seen.)

Posted by: steve h at October 25, 2004 01:05 PM