October 11, 2004


Kelly from Everybody's Got One offers some useful perspective. After quoting a somewhat too precious program note from a classical performance, K. writes:

As this tawdry election oozes toward its long-belated close, it's good to be reminded that the politically obsessed aren't the only people who desperately need to take themselves less seriously.

I feel the same way, but not out of any "pox on both your houses" type of indifference -- though I don't think the victory of one or the other of the candidates would represent "the end of civilization as we know it!", I do have a preference. In fact, there have moments when I've been reminded of the 1993 Phillies -- my favorite Phillies squad of all time. Those Phils had a closer by the name of Mitch Williams, a left hander who couldn't throw strikes (not a desirable quality in a closer), who walked batters, who fell so far off the mound after delivering a pitch that he was a defensive liabilty -- a real nail biter. In a statement showing true insight into the effect he had on fans, Williams once said, "The best thing about me is that I get the job done, the worst thing is you have to watch me do it." Late in the season, in a crucial game against Montreal, Williams came in and started putting men on base, making errors, before once again wiggling out of trouble to get a save and preserve the Phils lead in the pennant race. In the midst of it, the Phillies color commentator, a hall of fame ex-ballplayer who'd seen thousands of games, said in utter exasperation, "I don't know how people can enjoy watching this."

So it is with politics these days, most likely for people on both sides of the aisle. And, unlike Mitch (well, at least until Joe Carter put the final pitch of Game 6 into the left field seats), I don't get the sense that partisans on either side are entirely sure that their candidate can get the job done. Which makes for very anxious times indeed.

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Posted by Ideofact at October 11, 2004 11:54 PM

Thanks for the link! I've put a link to you on my site as well.

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