October 07, 2004

This, that...

Last night, I konked out on the couch in front of the television just after putting the five year old to bed, and didn't wake up until one of the cable channels was showing Sonny getting it on the causeway from the Godfather (warning: Lots of gunfire -- and not much else -- in that first link).

Tonight I don't feel much like writing or even thinking, although I will stick around long enough to note that a paragraph at the end of my last post was dropped (I must have deleted it by mistake) which tried to bring things back to the first part -- something to the effect that while Reginald Scot is by and large forgotten, the frame he developed for viewing the world to counter the witchmongers is one with which we're all familiar. It's the template, more or less, through which we view the world, with religion -- as Mather fretted -- experienced at the individual, rather than collective, level. It's not clear to me that a Martin Luther or John Calvin or any Renaissance or Reformation-era Pope understood the world as I understand it; it seems that Scot and I start from the same page. Which is why such discussions of Luthers or Popes for the Muslim world don't seem to be quite on point for me.

Since we could use a picture to relieve things, and since it's October, here's a lovely picture of Theda Bara:


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