September 17, 2004

Notes from the fever swamp

No, I didn't mean the title of the previous post literally. I must have misunderstood something, but I thought I CBS reported you could do perfectly formatted blog posts with an old 1970s IBM Selectric, and I've been working at it for the last week without success. Like I said, I probably missed a detail or two somewhere in there...

Actually, I spent the last week with a nasty, end up going to the doctor for antibiotics, something or other that started with a low grade fever as I got into bed Sunday night, and just kept getting worse. Even today I don't quite feel myself.

Mentally, it probably didn't help that I'd been reading Witchcraft at Salem -- the Chadwick Hansen book which argues that there were indeed witches at Salem. I'll write more about the book a bit later; I only mention it now because, as my temperature steadily rose Monday and Tuesday my dreams centered more and more on the images and impressions from the book, making for an altogether unpleasant sensation.

It's nice to be back from the fever swamps. More soon...

Posted by Ideofact at September 17, 2004 11:14 PM