September 12, 2004

One last word

Lynn B. of In Context writes a postscript to the 9/11 memorials:

Just when I'm starting to think "enough, already," I'm reminded again of why (and how) we need to keep being reminded.

Last night, I watched this slideshow -- it's a big file (7 megs), so readers on dial-up may not be able to load it, but it's worth watching if you can. I had to turn off the music after a while, but the pictures themselves are deeply, deeply disturbing -- photos from that day and a few days after, photos of the destruction, of the ruined buildings, of shattered fire trucks, of the faces of those who died and the reaction and horror of those who lived. There's one photo of Rudy Giuliani, collapsed on the steps in front of a building, a look of despair on his face, that finally overwhelmed me. Watch the pictures. See if the wounds aren't as fresh as they were on that terrible day. (I had seen the slideshow before, but was reminded of it by the indispensible Instapundit.

I'm slowly updating the favorites list -- Stygius has moved, and I've added a link to NetWar, which states, "We are living in the world's first true world war. Let's think and talk about it." I agree with the second half of the sentiment, but it seems to me that both the First and Second World Wars qualify as true world wars. What distinguishes this one is that anyone, anywhere -- going to work or taking a flight or bringing your child to school for the first day -- is a potential target. So by all means, let's think and talk.

A blogger wrote to me asking for a source on an old Qutb post on paleo ideofact, which reminded me of how our enemies' ideological father viewed themselves and us. Here's the full quote, from page 202 of Social Justice in Islam:

Islam has always represented the highest achievements in universal and comprehensive social justice; European civilization has never reached the same level, nor ever will. For it is a civilization founded on pure materialism, a civilization of murder and war, of conquest and subjugation.

To prove this, those who take their inspiration from Sayyid Qutb will indiscriminately slaughter Jew, Christian, secularist, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, Rosicrucian and, yes, Muslim. Take a look at the slideshow, if you're able, and remember.

Posted by Ideofact at September 12, 2004 11:38 PM

Now I understand why the phrase "Never Again" became the watchword among the Jews, after the horrors of Hitlers Third Reich.

Never Again...

Posted by: steve h at September 16, 2004 06:25 PM