September 01, 2004


The great and indefatigable Dan Darling of Regnum Crucis put together a post that got me thinking in a slightly different direction than he did (being a far more practical fellow, he thought in terms of practical implications; I'm thinking in terms of symbolic ones).

In a lengthy post on some of the recent terrorist episodes in Russia, particularly the twin downings of a pair of passenger aircraft, Dan asks,

One thing I'm hearing that I found interesting is the theory that it might be possible for female suicide bombers to conceal explosives in their vagina. Now I'm not trying to be crude here, but anybody know whether or not this is a feasible way of bringing in explosives for use in a terrorist attack? I know that the PKK and the Tamil Tigers have made extensive use of female suicide bombers, but I never recalled reading anything about this. Anybody want to weigh in on this one?

As I said, the technical aspects of this aren't my primary concern (although, if the more graphic of the spam emails I used to get before I turned on the spam blockers are any indication, it does seem entirely possible). But what does it say about the handlers -- the people who choose the bombers, equip them, prepare them for their missions -- that they turn a woman's genitals into a weapon of mass destruction? Again, as Dan indicates, this is speculation, and I imagine, contra Dan, that security in Russia's airports is probably sloppy, and perhaps reliance on this expedient was unnecessary, but still -- if what he's hearing is accurate, then this inversion -- this perversion -- of the "holy" warriors has sunk even further into depravity.

After giving her the rigged Walkman and explaining how to connect the wires to the explosive, the bombmaker shaped the plastique with his hands to the proper dimensions. He wrapped it with cellophane, then explained to her how to ...

I can't go on in this vein. This depravity knows no bounds, giving birth to a bomb.

Posted by Ideofact at September 1, 2004 11:55 PM