July 21, 2004

Turkish tobecca

I think I may well be addicted to Ebay, or eBay, or however they spell it. Not so much buying (although I have done a small bit of that; couldn't resist a Bell 1970s era candlestick phone -- it looks great, works just fine and is now the official landline here at ideofact worldwide headquarters), but bouncing around looking at things.

Today, while looking up stuff on Theda Bara, I saw this item, sheet music from a tune that was popular (well, may have been popular) back in 1921. The seller provided some lyrics, which I found sort of amusing:

Across the way from where I live there lives a girl and her name is Rebecca, she's twenty three
She saw an oriental show and then decided she would go to Mecca across the sea.
And so she went one day to Turkey far away, and she lived near the Sultan's den;
She stayed just two years, got full of new ideas, and now she's back home again.

Since Rebecca came back from Mecca all day long she keeps on smoking Turkish tobecca;
With her veil upon her face, she keeps dancing 'round the place
And yesterday her father found her with a Turkish tow'l around her
Oh! Oh! Ev'ry one's worried so; They think she's crazy in the dome;
She's as bold as Theda Bara, Theda's bare but Becky's barer
Since Rebecca came back home.

Amazing, the slices of popular culture of the past that turn up there. And as for the phone (there are some authentic ones here) -- at least my son will understand why we say "dial" a number rather than "punch" it.

Posted by Ideofact at July 21, 2004 11:42 PM

Amusing, the things that turn up at eBay.

It's almost like a gargantuan, nation-wide garage sale. Never know what you'll stumble across.

Posted by: steve_h at July 22, 2004 12:46 PM

"America's Garage Sale."

I like it -- you should be doing eBay's advertising!

Posted by: Bill at July 22, 2004 05:56 PM