April 21, 2004

A post from over the floorboards

Ah, the sweet smell of polyeurethene wood finish. No, it's not particularly sweet at all -- it's giving me a splitting headache, but there's no escaping it. But the smell means that the bulk of the renovations of stately ideofact manor are finished. Yes, we still have odds and ends to do -- replacing a few windows that are falling apart, replacing the runner going to the second floor, getting a part of the siding fixed -- but the worst is over.

I'm too irritated by the smell to write much more than that tonight, but I thought I'd point to a couple of things I found interesting. First, there's a tremendous number of interesting commentaries at KurdishMedia.com, including this one on the "Silent Majority in Iraq":

The Silent Iraqi Majority is fed up with foreign terrorists using Falluja as a spring-board for their bloody attacks on Baghdad. The Silent Iraqi Majority is also fed up with Muqtada’s attempt to hijack the Al-Sadr Movement [started by the Grand Marji Muhammed Baqir Al-Sadr] in order to promote his own dictatorial agenda. The Silent Iraqi Majority is fed up with these two groups using Islam (both Sunni and Shia factions) to promote their narrow political agendas in Iraq.

...and Dr Kamal Mirawdeli's second installment of his analysis of the speech given by Lord George Carey, the former archbishop of Canterbury, that was criticial not of Islam, but of Arab societies--in particular, the lack of openness, accountability and legitimacy of their regimes (I mentioned it here).

Aziz of Unmedia points to this fascinating article in Slate on the Columbine killers -- it's chilling and well worth reading.

Finally, Thomas Nephew of the Newsrack blog emailed me about this post of his noting that the terrorists responsible for the Spanish massacre drank water from Mecca as a sort of preemptive absolution for their sins. Well worth reading and pondering -- and I may have something to say about it eventually.

Meanwhile, the space age polymers have made me far too loopy to continue typing.

Posted by Ideofact at April 21, 2004 10:58 PM