March 10, 2004

Kurdistan news

Interesting news from -- reports of demonstrations among Kurdish civilians in Eastern Kurdistan -- that is, Iran, some, acccording to this account, drawing as many as 50,000 protesters. I think the cause of the protests is worth noting:

After the signing of the new Iraqi constitution, which specifically recognized the establishment of a Kurdish federal unit with an explicitly Kurdish government in Article 53, spontaneous pan-Kurdish demonstrations broke out in various cities throughout eastern Kurdistan, including Mahabad, Sanandaj, Mariwan, Bana, and Sardasht. Crowds of Kurds took to the streets to raise Kurdistan flags and sing the Kurdish national anthem.

It's not quite 1989, when one Eastern European totalitarian regime fell after another, but it's quite encouraging to see ordinary Kurds, as well as Persians in Iran and Arabs in Syria, demand their God given rights. The article goes on to note,

The Iranian regime’s forces tried to disperse the demonstrators, in some cases opening fire and seriously wounding an unknown number of them demonstrators. An unknown number of demonstrators were also detained by the regime’s forces, and cities were put under curfew and transportation between cities has been restricted.

This is the second time in just over a month that the masses in eastern Kurdistan have publicly responded to events in Iraqi Kurdistan with patriotic actions. Following the Hewler terrorist attacks of 1 February 2004, large memorial services were held in eastern Kurdistan in honor of the martyrs of this attack, and these events were attended by some Kurdish members of the Iranian parliament.

Unfortunately, the world media has chosen not to focus on the recent developments in eastern Kurdistan as the Kurds under the occupation of the Islamist dictatorship of Iran fight for human rights and freedom. As the Iranian regime faces increasing pressure from the outside due to its weapons programs and from the inside as the masses are more eager to fight their oppressors, it is apparent to all that the days of the Islamist regime are numbered.

...which just goes to show you that Islamism has been an incredibly successful organizing principle for government, except in those few unfortunate countries where it's actually been tried.

Meanwhile, from Iraq, reports are surfacing that Yazedis are being poisoned:

Since yesterday until now numerous people have been admitted to the hospital of Dhawk Province from Khank assembly which is close to Dhawk city. 300-400 cases of poisoning arrived at the hospital from the Khank assembly, which is inhabited by a majority of Yazidis.

It is believed that terrorists poisoned the water aiming to kill Yazidis, especially after pamphlets were posted on the walls of Mosul and other places by terrorists. These pamphlets say that whoever kills Yazidis will be rewarded by God. Local authorities have said nothing about this although the number of victims is increasing remarkably.

As I always caution with reports from, I can't vouch for its reliability (that goes as well for the reports of demonstrations in Iran).

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