November 03, 2003


I have to confess a certain sadness that Halloween is over -- I had a great time with the now five-year-old. We decorated the house and the yard, shopped for his costume, planned the way in which I would greet the other children (all of whom I was supposed to scare within an inch of their lives) -- he and I had so much fun that it's rather sad that it's all over.

And it was upsetting to see, in the middle of Monday Night Football tonight, a Lowe's commercial about Christmas decorations. Our jack-o-lantern on our front stoop has lost none of his lustre (I'm sure the rot will set in soon), and I'm supposed to be picking Christmas lights? Have a little respect for the dead holidays, please...

Posted by Ideofact at November 3, 2003 11:56 PM