October 06, 2003

Enjoying this

I remember a September game, in 1993, when the Phillies were trying to head off a late charge by the Montreal Expos on their way to the National League pennant. Mitch Williams, better known as the Wild Thing, came in to pitch the ninth inning nursing a one run lead. I think the bases were loaded in this fashion: Walk. Bunt, throwing error by Williams, men on first and third. Walk. Bases loaded. Nobody out. Richie Ashburn, the Phillies play-by-play man, said, "I don't know how anybody could be enjoying this."

Williams somehow -- I can't remember how -- got out of it, preserving the win. One of my favorite lines of his went, "The best thing about me? I get the job done. The worst thing? You have to watch me do it."

I didn't enjoy watching the bottom of the ninth of the Red Sox-A's game (my father's a long suffering Sox fan, and I always pull for them in the post-season), but I'm pleased by the outcome...

Posted by Ideofact at October 6, 2003 11:30 PM